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The Power of
Sound Healing

Karyne Richardson
is interviewed
by Caroline Sutherland, internationally acclaimed Medical Intuitive
and Author.

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  1. What Does the Sound of Music Look Like? How does Sound can create morphic fields to stimulate neurogenesis?
  2. What is Brain Training software as Recovery for Concussion & TBI Traumatic Brain Injury?
  3. Can our VOICE be used as Self-Healing Biofeedback after Tuning up the Ear first with Brain Training?
  4. Can Singing be a Joyful activity to bring us into the Power of NOW?
  5. How do VOWELS A-E-I-O-U connect us to our Body’s Chakra System
  6. Solfeggio as the Sound of Color Therapy we can Self-Heal
  7. Audio Sound-Pressure Micro-Bursts as Tapping the EAR’s emotional points (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  8. Could there be Dangers of compressed sound programs on your IPhone or iPod. Could this contribute to less auditory awareness?

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Keynote Speech

2008 UAACCE Conference

Utah Association for Adult, Community,
and Continuing Education

Utah Valley University • Orem, Utah

“BRAIN FITNESS: Neuroscience and Taking Action in Schools, Adult Education, and the Workplace”


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