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Founding Director

Institute for Sound Health and
Integrative Medicine

Director of PNI Graduate Studies
Psycho-Neuro Immunology

Karyne Jeanne Richardson, BEP, APP

Neuro Scientist, Researcher, Clinician, Author
Environmental Toxicologist
Certified Chopra Ayurvedic Instructor since 2004
Speech Pathologist & Balance Therapist
PMA Pastoral Medical
—Diplomat of Pastoral Science
—D.PSc. Ordained 2003
Ortho Molecular Nutritionist
Bio-Medical and Quantum Energy Medicine
Homeopathic Allergist
Brain Fitness Specialist—Autism through Dementia Spectrum
Stress Management personalized training

Ms. Richardson was nominated in 2007 for the National Institute
of Health Pioneer Research GRANT for $2.5 million for five years.

Sound Energy technology can deliver a prescription sound program that affects the three major rhythms (oscillations) of the body: the heartbeat, the breath rate, and the brain waves. When these three rhythms are entrained into synchronicity the autonomic nervous system (ANS) comes into balance. This reduces stress and the production of stress hormones in the body such as cortisol and histamines. The results are astounding as the brain then can organize into functional neurological pathways.

This revolutionary Sonic Neurotechnology protocol is safe and enjoyable. The special hardware combined with the software affect the speed of sound delivered to the brain and body. The results are like a brain “defragmenting” program that promotes deep sleep and alert daytime focus, learning and speech development for children, memory improvement for adults, and improved behavior and self-awareness changes.

Letters of reference come from neurosurgeons and osteopathic medical doctors who recognize the multiple disciplinary fields that Ms. Richardson has mastered to lead research teams to find answers to reverse ADHD and Autism now. The puzzle begins to be solved when stress issues in the body are addressed first. These fields include environmental neuro-toxicology, speech pathology, endocrine and autoimmune relationships to neurotransmitter function in the brain during child development, and finally specialized brain nutrition for learning enhancement.

  1. Stress is defined as "a maladaptive response to change in the environment."
  2. Finding ways to deal with stress is critical to wellness.
  3. Stress affects individuals differently; however, one fact is beyond dispute:
  4. Stress, especially unresolved, long-term stress, is a primary contributor to psychological and biological illness.