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Listen to the interview by Caroline Sutherland
on her Internet program:

The Power of Sound Healing

Caroline’s guest is Karyne Richardson, neuroscientist, environmental toxicologist, researcher, and clinician. For over 20 years, Karyne’s work with Autistic and brain-damaged children and adults has resulted in great strides in the understanding and treatment of brain-based conditions such as stuttering, dyslexia and dementia. Using breakthrough technology from West Germany coupled with Orthomolecular nutrition, she has offered new ways of understanding how diet affects brain health. Karyne also uses music and sound waves with special headphones to create a kind of Sonic Acupuncture. This work further enables the brain to stimulate new neural pathways with highly beneficial results for her patients. She is the author of The Zen of Brain Balance, to be released soon. Join the conversation. Find out all about this exciting technology!