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John Seeley talks with Karyne Jeanne Richardson about the Brain Training that helps treat autism and correct brain function to normal behavior.

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by Jann Garitty
and Karyne Richardson
Video footage by Lindy Sexton
Edited by Jann Garitty

Flower essences calm the spirit so that the body can come into balance

Five-Flower Formula, California Wild Rose, Trumpet Vine and Indian Paintbrush:
foundational essences for the healing process

California Pitcher Plant aids healthy digestion
and absorption of nutrients for a healthy brain

Cosmos and Indian Paintbrush: help for a boy with learning difficulties

Five-Flower Formula & Pretty Face:
assist in reconnecting to body after severe neurological injury

Five-Flower Formula & Cosmos: helps child come into her body and out into the world

California Wild Rose, Calendula, Golden Yarrow & Mimulus:
enable child to find his voice and true expression

Using FES Flower Essence Therapy and Fractal Sounds

Karyne Jeanne Richardson is one of the founding directors of Your Health Your Choice. She specializes in working with children who are described as having Autism Spectrum Disorder or some type of attention, learning or behavior difficulty. Using a specialized program called Voyage into Recovery™, children and their families achieve a level of healing seen by no other integrative methods. “Helping families identify whatever toxin or issues are causing the problems, rid the body of these substances, and repair the neurological whole-brain function in brief solution-based therapies, is science and healing combined,” says Karyne.

Karyne speaking more about her work and the process of sound healing—


Flower essences calm the spirit so that the body can come into balance

Flower essences are used initially to provide emotional support for the child as they are excreting toxins, which can have a dramatic effect on emotions and behavior. Rock Rose and Five-Flower Formula are extremely helpful for letting go of the internal fear inside the emotional body of the child, the feeling of being nowhere safe—even inside their own body since birth. The bodies of children diagnosed with autism are rhythmically out of sync within; they usually don’t sleep well and they don’t breathe deeply enough. These two flower essences help calm the spirit so that the body can begin to entrain to synchronous music from Computerized Cognitive Brain Training (CCBT) software, which brings the body into balance, and thus heals from the inside out. As expressed by Karyne, “We can see the out-of-phase genetics and the physical issues using the software, but the flower is the door to the spirit within.” Sound therapy awakens the child. Karyne initially suggests that flower essences be used at bedtime so that stress, which is held in the cell’s memory, can be released through dreams.

The flower essences which the children choose themselves during the initial evaluation are crucial for them during the therapy. They help the children to sleep deeply. Healthy sleep patterns restore circadian rhythms. Organic new baby “daughter” cells can be born in the brain during deep Delta wave sleep. Rock Rose is an example of an essence that is perfect for children who have night terrors. Since many of these children have little or no speech, and can’t express themselves, their internal fear affects heart rate and stress hormones for years after. For some children, using the flower essences is the first time the soul wants to stay in the body. The children's beautiful natural personalities begin to shine.

For more details regarding the sound therapy process, see the following link: Using FES Flower Essence Therapy and Fractal Sounds.

Five-Flower Formula, California Wild Rose, Trumpet Vine and Indian Paintbrush: Foundational essences for the healing process

Karyne speaks about foundational flower essences introduced at the beginning of the healing process—



Jarrett was born as a “preemie” weighing 1.1 pounds. With global learning challenges, he has come a long way while using SetiSMART™ Technology for several years, plus a devoted mom, dad and big brother. He has been using Five-Flower Formula and Cosmos flower essences.

California Pitcher Plant aids healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients for a healthy brain

Karyne discussing the use of California Pitcher Plant—


A case in which California Pitcher Plant helps a woman with an eating disorder—


Cosmos and Indian Paintbrush: help for a boy with learning difficulties—


Karyne cites below more cases using this combination of therapies—

Five-Flower Formula: assist in reconnecting to body after severe neurological injury

A beautiful young woman named Robin first came to us at 22 years old. She was 6 feet tall, and she had been a basketball player in college. While at home during the summer, she helped her father re-roof a neighbor’s house. Her task was to dip the wooden roof slates into fire retardant. She did not wear gloves to protect herself, and so the chemical penetrated her skin and a “toxic burden” began systemically throughout her body. Within six months, it permeated her whole brain and physical system. Medical doctors diagnosed her as having MS, but her stress response on the SCAN, demonstrated that it was toxic chemical overload. When Robin first arrived, she was in a wheelchair, her eyes were rolled back, she had a tube in her stomach to receive food and she could barely move her fingers. She could not speak as her mouth and tongue were very swollen. Her body indicated an urgent need for Five-Flower Formula several times per day. As the therapy progressed during the next months, the tube was removed from her stomach, she could eat and feed herself, she started dreaming at night, and talking again.  

The flower that came up for her on the next Spectra Vision SCAN was Pretty Face, indicated for: willingness to go through a period of ugliness or discomfort; desire for beauty and perfection which inhibits one from staying with the intensity of the healing process. As we spoke together in making the decision to use this flower remedy she recognized she could choose to be in a fantasy world and stay disconnected from her body, or choose to accept her pain so she could learn to be in her body again and have a meaningful inner life—not the life of a college basketball player, but a new life with new meaning. The flower was the catalyst and key to her spiritual and physical unfolding during a particularly difficult phase of her Voyage into Recovery™. Robin had chosen to live life, even though it was still in a wheelchair; she chose to turn around the toxic tragedy and choose a life of cheerful service with her voice and hands. I believe that the flower essence helped her spirit choose joy in this life, rather than vegetating in a nursing home waiting to die. She is the eldest of ten children, she still lives at home, helping with the younger siblings, reading with them, and receiving their loving affection as they care for her physical needs.

Five-Flower Formula & Cosmos: helps child come into her body and out into the world

Michaela, age 5, came to the Institute for Sound Health with issues including seizures that began when she was an infant, just a week after Hepatitis B vaccines.  She had unclear speech, physical awkwardness, and was very accident prone.


The SCAN technology, using resonant frequency for each part of the brain, let us know that her spirit would be greatly calmed by using the Five-Flower Formula. It was used immediately during the first weeks for her emotional emergency and first aid, for immediate calming and centering. During the first phase, Five-Flower Formula is very effective in harmonizing severely disturbed or traumatized energy in the child. This is how we began this basic emotional support during Phase One of the CCBT Sound Therapy. Within weeks, the seizures became less frequent, less intense, and her physical body integration and co-ordination improved so that she did not trip as often over her own feet. In another few weeks, she began to do cartwheels and was able to skip around the room. When her babysitter brought her to therapy one day, she asked us' “What do you REALLY do here? Michaela is able to do headstands now! How is this possible? She could not walk without falling or stumbling often before. How can sound do that?”

During the second scan and to begin the second phase of the sound program, Cosmos flower essence was chosen by the child’s body. I was amazed, since this flower is specifically for “speaking with clarity and depth when speech tends to be too rapid or inarticulate; integration of ideas into coherent self-expression; translating higher thoughts into mental concepts.” The day of this scan, I can remember Michaela putting her arms around my neck, looking deeply into my eyes for several seconds as if to say “pay attention,” and said very clearly: “Thank you.” 

For the next three months, she took Cosmos flower essence drops several times each day and just before bed. This phase in Sound Therapy addresses specifically the frequencies of speech which focus in the left brain. This location also links directly to the speech organs in the throat and mouth. Her speech blossomed weekly. Her mother and grandparents noted in their reports all of the new words she was saying, and then how she was creating expressive sentences. She began school the following year with no labels, no issues, and as a bouncy, vivacious little girl ready to show the world: “Here I am!”

California Wild Rose, Calendula, Golden Yarrow & Mimulus: enable child to find his voice and true expression

Casey, age 4, came to the Osteopathic Center for Children as a referral from his pediatrician. He had never spoken and was born with the umbilical cord around his neck. A beautiful child with thick, shiny, black, curly hair, and big brown eyes, he smiled and held eye contact, but did not make a sound.

Since the Sound Therapy CCBT qualifies as a treatment for Auditory Processing Disorder, we began his evaluation using the Spectra Vision to see if there was any impedance in any part of the brain that may have been injured at birth. We found none.

We did, however, find that his brain was starving for nutrients to function properly. His digestion was lacking in enzyme function so that what he ate was not being broken down into the building blocks for cell growth in the brain: amino acids and minerals were not reaching his mind. As part of his nutritional protocol we added California Wild Rose and Calendula flower essences, which strengthen and vitalize the heart, and promote clarity and vitality in verbal expression. They also counteract feelings of apathy by bringing compassion for others and interest in life. We had learned from his mother that he was socially disconnected, and these flower essences are often used to connect to life with new meaning.

Within weeks on the CCBT program, he began to speak. We moved him rapidly through several phases since he had no other illness or blocks of impedance to progressing faster. There were several weeks of stomach retching, and probiotics were added to increase his body’s ability to digest correctly and make B-vitamins available for the brain, which then promote calmer emotions. We also knew he felt very sensitive in his stomach area.

During Phase Five, an amazing thing happened during his home sessions. His mother called one day. She was somewhat frantic, saying that he was crying, really crying, while watching cartoon characters on television being hurtful to each other. Until this time, he had no negative emotions or even awareness of emotions, except being happy all the time.

The flower combination of Golden Yarrow and Mimulus were chosen during the next several months. These provided an emotional buffer, especially for the solar plexus; Casey learned to project his voice out loud despite anxiety and fear of making a sound. Mimulus flower essence was used for his shyness, timidity, and perhaps an “in utero” cell memory of the cord around his neck causing him to swallow his words as he began to speak. This flower supported his nervousness when speaking. The Phase Five daily therapy of fractal sounds were specific high frequencies of consonants which resonate in the left brain speech centers. 


We have come to know through many children since Casey, that these same frequencies wire the right brain and connect our emotions to our feeling selves in our body. We worked with Casey and his mother with facial pictures, which show an array of emotions so that he could begin to connect his new felt feelings with a word, and what it looks like in the mirror: sad, angry, scary, happy, grumpy, excited. We moved him slowly through this awakening of his emotional self, and he became comfortable with his feelings and his ability to express and feel all the rainbow of emotions; each is a frequency that connects us to left and right brain, and gut or soma. When a child is over-sensitive to specific sounds, they often shut down psychologically. This blocks their expressive language development. There was nothing physically wrong with Casey: he had a birth trauma, and through gentle consistent Sound Therapy CCBT and the emotional support of flower essences, his body and spirit were ready for first grade a year later. His parents were always supportive and patient, without rushing the process of integration. 


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